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Next Mission

The next mission is scheduled for the January of 2024 in Zihuatanejo, Mexico. This is a surgery only mission.


Meet 4 Year Old Angel Gabriel Pineda Lucena - April 2014

4 year old old Angel had been born with congentital cataracts in both his eyes and never seen his mother and father. The day after his surgery he was petting his mom's face and telling her how beautiful she was. His mom said he has never said that to anyone before! Angel is seen here with Molly and Dr. Jim Conahan and his parents. To see a slide show of Angel's story, see the link below.

How humbling, how joyful. His Parents are ecstatic and so are we! Angel is seen wearing protective lenses.

Meet Ricardo

My name is Ricardo and I am thirteen years old. I come from Namibia, a wonderful country. We have many beautiful animals and it is much like Colorado, very dry.

I can see well now after my surgery. As my eyes are now well, I can play soccer much better and I can also do my homework much better. I am glad that I can see much, much, much better!

Ricardo Geikhaub

Third Grade

Community Hope School

Ricardo started life out as a disadvantaged orphan. As poor as he was, his granny never let him down. She raised him as her own and prayed into his life a wonderful destiny for her boy. Ricardo was one of the first ten orphans who attended Community Hope School in 2005. From the moment he first squinted at me with his mischievous grin, I knew there was something wrong with his eyes. Watching him attack problems, engage with people or kick a soccer ball around the dusty playground, you'd never know he was legally blind.

When Ricardo was diagnosed with advanced kerataconus, I took a leap of faith to believe God to give him new eyes. My prayers were answered the same day I asked some of my friends at a church in Colorado if they would pray for his eyes. That very day, I received an email from Dr. Jim informing me that the Mission of Healing Eyes would arrange a corneal transplant and cover all the costs to help Ricardo see.

In late September 2011, Ricardo and I arrived in Denver traveling from Namibia Africa. Dr. Jim, made all the arrangements for the boy to receive his cornea transplant. Suddenly Ricardo's world has gotten much bigger! Even so, the changes don't seem to faze him, he is still the small boy who enjoys every moment and finds joy in every person he meets. I would say that his new eyes have not changed him, but rather enhanced his life.

Spending almost every waking moment with Ricardo has changed me; I'm going to miss him and I'm looking forward to see how this boy will impact our world!

Suzanne Hunter - Director

Community Hope School

Namibia Africa

I first learned about Ricardo when John and Suzanne Hunter (from Community Hope School) visited The Rock Church in Castle Rock, Colorado. She described Ricardo’s condition and I prayed how the Mission could respond? Dr. Jim contacted Suzanne and John and offered the Mission’s help. After first trying to arrange for a surgeon in Namibia for Ricardo, it became apparent that the conditions, availability of a skilled surgeon, and obtaining donor tissue prohibited the surgery from being done in Namibia. This surgery required a consistent and regular follow up care and it was determined to bring Ricardo to the US.

Dr. Jim then contacted a Colorado Corneal Specialist, Dr. Bill Richheimer, and he graciously agreed to perform his surgery. After just the first day after his surgery, Richardo was seeing 20-80! After a week he was able to see and read! Dr. Habhab from Dr. Jim’s office agreed to fit him with a contact lens in his other eye, and Ricardo’s site was restored!

Ken Kahn, Web Site Mananger

Mission of Healing Eyes

The "YES`" for Ricardo

We tried to get Ricardo's corneal transplant done in Namibia but couldn't. I honestly thought it just wouldn't happen and then the "yes" started.

Molly said "Yes, fly into Denver now and let`s make this happen!"

Suzanne said "Yes, I'll fly with him from Africa to Denver."

Ken and Tammy said "Yes, he can stay with us for a while in Denver."

Dr. Bill Richheimer said yes "I'll do the surgery."

The Lions Club said "Yes, we'll donate the corneal tissue."

Bill Blankmeter said "Yes, I'll do the anesthesia."

John Blank said "Yes, I'll donate the surgery center."

Dr. Danell Habhab said "Yes, I'll fit and donate the contact lenses."

Jim and Molly said "Yes, we will donate the sport goggles."

The United United Eye Centers staff said "Yes, we will teach him how to care for and put in his contact lens."

The Miller's in Boston said "Yes, he can live with us for the next year or more."

Frank Conahan said "Yes, I'll get you an ophthalmologist in Boston to help you follow Ricardo`s transplant."

Dr. George said "Yes, I'll follow his corneal transplant while in Boston."

The Mission of Healing Eyes said "Yes, we'll pay for Ricardo's travel expenses."

In the words of Mother Teresa: "You can do something I can't, I can do something you can't, so together let's do something beautiful for God."

And you know what? We Did!

Thank you for all your Yes`s!

Jim Conahan M.D., Medical Director

Mission of Healing Eyes

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